Hollywood didn’t get its way in Georgia so now they’re trying to punish the state for not electing Stacey Abrams which is sadly hilarious if you think about it because it proves they don’t really care about Georgians. Otherwise, they’d respect their vote and support their industry in the state.

But the little people DARED to vote as they wanted and now Hollywood wants them to pay.

Even Stacey Abrams asked them to chill TF out:

That didn’t stop Ron Perlman from ranting about how he’ll never work in that state again … like anyone would notice or care.

What a weird way to support Stacey, by crapping on her state.

But hey Hellboy, you be you.

Does Ron live in California? Asking for a friend because if so … HA HA HA HA.

Countless states?

Playing by the rules and honor the sanctity of one man one vote. Oh boy.

And wait, ‘one man’?

Smooth, Ron.

Sorry Georgian, Abrams lost so you all must be punished now.

Seems the Hollywood way.

Because it was never about growing Georgia or making Georgia a better place for these Hollywood elites. No no, it was about showing Trump and the evil Republicans they could buy elections if they had to in order to put them in their place. It was about pushing their blue wave.

But the people of Georgia couldn’t be bought.

Which means now they’ll turn their backs on the state to punish them for not doing as they were told.

Democrats. *shrug*


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