It’s hard to believe we were just talking about how batsh*t 2017 was and here we are, days away from Thanksgiving talking about 2018 in the same way and almost longing for the crazy of 2017.

Perhaps we should stop tempting fate by saying things like, ‘And we thought 2018 had reached peak stupid.’ There will NEVER be a peak stupid, especially if you follow politics at all. Heh.

On that note, the tag #SumUp2018In4Words really is a thing of beauty so we totally get why it’s trending, and here are just a few of the best:

Thank the maker.


Whoohoo! Job security!

Don’t we all want more cheese?


What a year.


‘Don’t NUKE ME, bro’! Rep. Eric Swalwell proves once again he’s CLUELESS about the Constitution with Acosta tweet

A special kind of DERP: Ron Perlman’s thread claiming he’ll never work in GA again because Dems lost BACKFIRES

Can’t fix STUPID: Alyssa Milano’s bright idea to put Georgians out of work because Democrats lost there is ALL FAIL