Imagine being so sensitive that a single tweet from a man whose father’s severed head you held up as a ‘joke’ could cause you to meltdown and write a pathetic and crazy long thread on Twitter.

Ok, maybe don’t imagine that, because then you’d be Kathy Griffin and nobody wants that.

This is a seriously long and truly pathetic thread … eat your Wheaties before reading the whole thing.

She’s so sick and tired of talking about it she keeps talking about it.


Some people took issue with? SOME PEOPLE? Kathy, you posted a picture of yourself holding the severed and bloody head of the president.

Some people.

Holy crap.

Perhaps folks are hesitant to hire Kathy because she held up the bloodied, severed head of the president.

Just sayin’.

Here we go … everyone roll your eyes with us.

Boo hoo.

Poor Kathy.

Well some random celebrities are.

Remember, she hates tweeting about this stuff.

Oooh, now she’s all tough.


The only people making this about gender are harpies like Kathy.


Oh we dunno, maybe to defend themselves from the constant onslaught from all of you?


If you can’t deal with the heat get out of the kitchen.

*cue those tiny violins*

Someone did get hurt, Kathy. The name Steve Scalise ring any bells, ding-a-ling?


Speaking of using a massive platform to go after someone, remember when Kathy used her massive platform to target Andrea Ruth? We do.

Editor’s note, there are a few other tweets on this thread but it’s just Kathy pushing merch and trying to get folks to attend her lame show SO we left those out. No reason to give her free advertising.

But SHE’S the victim!

Kathy and her crazy thread privilege.


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