If you had any doubts that climate change ‘science’ is and always has been about politics this thread will put those doubts to rest.

What a crock of weepy, sanctimonious, green-penis garbage from this so-called ‘visiting scholar’ on how capitalism must be dismantled or else the planet will destroy itself and we’re all going to die. Or something.

So, the world’s top climate scientists (who have gotten this climate change stuff wrong time and time again) have given us 10 years before our planet is uninhabitable. Remember over a decade ago when Al Gore told us we’d all be under water by now? That the ice caps would be gone and polar bears would all be dead?

Good times.

BUT here’s the kicker, not only do they want us to give up plastic straws (eye roll) but now they want us to dismantle capitalism.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

No, no we don’t.

And you thought Social Justice Warriors were annoying when it came to video games. Psh.

Fair question.


Wonderful thread … yeah right.

Right. Soooo basically profit is to blame for climate change.

Who knew?

Seems legit.

We’re guessing Charles C.W. Cooke doesn’t exactly buy Eric’s theory either.


Well, thank goodness this guy is out there to help us save the planet!


Guess not.



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