Now, you’d think after the last few weeks that Senator Dianne Feinstein would have something to say about the cloture vote this morning on Kavanaugh. Truly. She’s spent nearly a month trying to destroy him personally and professionally, so color us shocked that her first tweet after the vote was this.


That’s it?

Earlier she was more than happy to share herself speaking on the floor about Kavanaugh … so what gives?

Blah blah blah.

Maybe we’re cynical, but it seems to us like she’s trying really hard to change the subject.

Could have been the letter Grassley sent Ford’s attorneys? You know, the one where Grassley asked for all communications between their team and senators, especially Feinstein and Hirono.

But again, we’re cynical that way.

Would appear we’re not the only cynical ones.

Nice try, DiFi, but what you and your cohorts tried to do to Brett Kavanaugh isn’t going anywhere.


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