Jeff Flake is a YES on Kavanaugh.

Unless something changes … whatever the Hell that means.

C’mon Flake, don’t flake out on us now.


Hard decision for everybody except the Democrats who were a no vote before any of this Ford nonsense ever came to light.

Bite your TONGUE!

And since Flake said he’s a yes, the Left has gone into batsh*t mode.


Holy Hell, would someone please educate these people on how civics works?

These same folks were treating him like Santa Clause a week ago.



Literally, nothing this person just tweeted is true but whatevs.

Right? How dare Kavanaugh be angry after having a bunch of crazy-partisan hacks try and ruin his life and his family’s lives. The nerve.

It’s official. The Left only sees and hears what they want to see and hear. Reality is irrelevant.

Now they’re back to hating Flake.


He is. He’s voting to confirm a man who has officially more than proven his worthiness and earned it.

Deal with it.


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