We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again … Democrats have so misplayed their hand with Kavanaugh. Even people who may not have originally supported Kavanaugh are uniting with others in support of him NOW, after seeing the disgusting way in which Democrats have behaved these past few weeks.

Regardless of how you vote, watching a likely innocent man and his family attacked in this way is huge wake-up call.

Even for women.

Democrats have lost 21 points with suburban women.

Double digits.


Seems we’ve seen a good amount of lying from anti-Kavanaugh folks, and it’s all starting to come out.

Exactly. Women are mothers and wives and have men in their lives they love and care about. And watching Democrats deliberately try and destroy someone who might well and truly be innocent does not play well here.

Yeah Senator Feinstein, thanks for waking us all up. We haven’t seen the Right this united and energized since 2014.

Democrats are in serious trouble.

And not just with women.


So much for that blue wave.


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