Full transparency, this editor desperately needed to write about something other than Kavanaugh. And this thread where ‘Neva’ aka @pipandbaby tore Jon Favreau a new one for accusing the Right of polarization and tribalism seemed a good option.

Because it’s just that damn good.

Started here:

And then it really took off.


The Left loves members of the Right … who hate the Right. It’s their new thing. See Jennifer Rubin.

What she said.

Looking back, she is absolutely spot on. Pundits and Republican leaders didn’t really know how angry the Right was …

Get him.

The Left is not used to the Right fighting back. Nope. And when we do they accuse us of being racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobes … whatever the popular label of the day is.

Hell YEAH.


We love this woman.


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