Earlier today, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein pretended that the FBI report was limited and missing a good deal. And sure, we all knew they were simply stalling the inevitable (as they have been from the beginning) but when you see the number of pages in the report and how long they spent interviewing Mark Judge you know they’re just full of it.

Per CNN.

That’s incredible.

Add that to the other six background checks and the half a million documents submitted on or about Kavanaugh and it’s pretty safe to say this guy has really and truly been VETTED.

Move on, Democrats.

It will NEVER be enough because this was NEVER about Kavanaugh in the first place.

It’s always been about the midterms and trying to hold this seat open on the off chance they can actually win a majority, and now it looks like neither one is going to happen for them. They really and truly misplayed this hand.

The problem with the FBI report is that it didn’t find what the Democrats wanted it to find, even though they knew it was a ‘witch hunt’ to begin with.

Raise your hand if you’re ready for them to freakin’ vote already.


Such LOOONG faces! Could this scene from Senate Dems outside Schumer’s office spell VICTORY for Kavanaugh?

WOKE Lindsey is our FAVE! Is it our imagination or did Lindsey Graham just slam a Kavanaugh protester with Monty Python?!

BOOMITY –> If there was EVER 1 tweet that PERFECTLY sums up the dumpster fire media has become over Kavanaugh it’s THIS 1