But tell us more about how the Parkland shooting was the NRA’s fault …

From the Sun-Sentinal:

A surveillance video of Peterson’s movements outside the school was shown Wednesday to the state commission investigating the massacre, with the video plotted against an animation showing the shooter’s actions and combined with recordings of police radio calls. Peterson, who has been subpoenaed to testify to the commission next month, resigned in disgrace after videos showed he took cover and did nothing to confront the gunman.



There really are NO WORDS to explain the cowardly actions of a grown man who could have saved the lives of children. This new video appears to show that Scot Peterson HID instead of running to stop the gunman shooting students that he was being paid to protect.

Andrew Pollack pulled NO punches.

And reading the line that says, ‘while my kid is being shot’ made this editor cry.

Our hearts truly breaks reading this tweet as we cannot even begin to imagine what this poor family has been through.



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