Only the New York Times could get away with publishing a garbagey ‘anonymous’ op-ed supposedly written by someone in the Trump administration. Heck, Chelsea Handler could have written that piece of nonsense …

Wait, never mind.

The piece is actually written in complete sentences so Chelsea is definitely OUT.

But seriously, if we released an op-ed by an anonymous source, morons would come out of the woodwork to screech at us about using an anonymous source. Then they’d whine that we use TOO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS in our headlines but that’s another story.

Brit Hume truly nailed it:


And per usual when Brit gets REAL the Resistance just can’t deal (check out our RHYMING game):

Screech screech! And look, he tagged Bill Kristol and Ana Navarro to tattle on Brit.


Yeah, pal.


Yup. So?



*eye roll*

Wow, if you really want to freak the Resistance out all you need to do is mention the Lord.


You know what, WE can’t even.


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