Just a day before Ben Sasse kicked ALL sorts of arse during the Kavanaugh hearing, Jennifer Rubin wrote an entire piece shaming him, calling him a subject of ridicule from the Democrats.

Because you know, Dems usually hold Republicans in such high regard.

She really is awful.

From the Washington Post:

Sasse is now the subject of ridicule from Democrats and private eye-rolling from right-leaning pundits for his penchant for grand, empty pronouncements and complete deference to the White House. If he wants to take the challenge to align himself with something bigger and better than his own career and the survival of the Trumpian GOP, he can lead one or more actions. To quote President George W. Bush, “We are better than this. America is better than this.” But is Sasse?


Raise your hand if you think it’s past time for Jennifer Rubin to admit she’s a freakin’ Democrat.

She’s making a fool of herself as well.

Ben seemed AOK to us today.


She’s really pandering hard these days.

It’s kinda sad, right?

Oui oui, she did.

Annnnnnnd curtain.


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