Years ago, when Harry Reid basically nuked the filibuster Republicans warned Democrats not to do it, because eventually, they wouldn’t be the majority party anymore. But did they listen?


Do they ever listen?

Nope nope.

So ultimately, no matter how good these speeches are from Cruz and Sasse are (and boy howdy!), the senator owning the Libs the MOST when it comes to Kavanaugh is actually one of their own and not even in the room.

And that’s Harry Reid.


We should start a holiday.


They’re so mad and they can’t do a thing about it.

Remember when Obama said that?

He also said if you don’t like something then go win an election.

His legacy will be the right using his own quotes to destroy the Left over and over again. Thanks Obama!

See? We agree.

Indeed. We should definitely send him a trophy.

And more than just a participation one at that.

Who else has owned the Libs so much for so long?


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