You know that moment when you realize someone is literally too stupid to insult?


Just had that moment reading Alyssa Milano’s tweet on Brett Kavanaugh.

We’d pay real money if she’d just stop talking about politics in general.

And wow, confirming Kavanaugh would destroy America?

Holy sh*t.

Seems others were less than impressed with Alyssa’s MOVING, melodramatic tweet:

That’s RIGHT. Alyssa shared a closeup of her face as some sort of anti-gun effort and she had a pretty good sized boogie hanging out of her nose.

Good times.



Because like other progressives, Alyssa is worried that people might have to be responsible when there’s a pregnancy. It’s all about their precious abortion, even though Kavanaugh has said multiple times that Roe is the law of the land.

Sounds awfully reasonable.

And realistic.

Because Trump.



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