This morning, Senate Democrats made HUGE fools of themselves (huger than usual) by grossly grandstanding during the opening statements of the Kavanaugh hearing. Sounds like it was a concerted, plotted effort Democrats came up with over the weekend in hopes to stall Kavanaugh’s ultimate confirmation.

We all know the senators squawking about missing emails are going to vote no ANYWAY.

That’s what the kicker is here. If they hadn’t been screeching for months about how they will try and block Kavanaugh their argument for more time might have held more water. But knowing this is all political theatre … meh.

Guy Benson took the most melodramatic senators apart with their own words.

Womp womp.

He’s a no vote either way.

Unless he lied about this like he lied about Vietnam.


Wasting our time.


Yeah, what’s the rush? HA!


Someone should ask Dianne about her Chinese spy.


This is pathetic.


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