Unless you spent Labor Day vacationing under a rock (and with how ridiculous everything has gotten who could blame you) you couldn’t help but hear about Nike making Colin Kaepernick the face of their ‘Just Do It’ campaign.

Because you know, a guy wearing pig socks who spends a lot of time on the bench because he’s really nothing special will TOTALLY sell a bunch of tennis shoes.

Social media exploded when this news hit (as much as any news can on Labor Day), and our good friend John Brennan couldn’t wait to fall all over himself and praise Kaepernick.



He should at least admit the only reason he’s smooching Kaepernick backside is that he hopes it will irritate Trump.

Something like that.


There ya’ go.

THAT’S sacrifice.

Ain’t he cute? In an ‘old man yells at the neighborhood kids’ sort of way.


You know, that old guy who lost his security clearance for being a giant douche-rocket.

What he said.

Pretty much.


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