Usually, we don’t cover Twitter ‘randos’ overall in a story because you know, they could just be some crazy person sitting in their basement eating Cheetos and playing World of Warcraft. But every once in a while one pops up with a thread that has us snort-laughing and you know what, we’ve gotta cover it.

Plus this Jason fella has over 4,000 followers and according to his bio, he’s a ‘contributor’ to @PressTV so why not …

We’re sure Trump is terrified.


Bro. *shakes head*

Did he get that prop from Spirits?

Just missing his Che poster and a soy latte.


Go and listen to some Rush.

Oh, did we mention that Jason is Canadian?

Our sides … bahahahahahaha


Because some mouthy and immature editor at Twitchy will likely see it and write about the entire thread being hilarious? Is that the answer?



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