Beards have a ‘racially fraught history.’

Alrighty then.

Who knew that such an amazing thing as a beard (true story, this editor LOVES THEM) could somehow be racist? Then again, it is The Atlantic we’re talking about here so take this with a grain of salt.

From The Atlantic:

It may seem strange that barbering, which required practitioners to hold razors to their customers’ throats, was dominated by men of color in Revolutionary America. But the reasons for this were simple. Before the American Revolution, free white workers were few and their labor was expensive—especially in the southern colonies. So slaveholders in need of grooming often turned to their enslaved workforces.

Thus, thousands of former slaves—many with experience as valets, manservants, and barbers—were foisted upon a market that offered them little in the way of employment, apart from dangerous jobs in manual labor and demanding positions in household service. One of the few jobs that presented even faint hopes for prosperity was barbering. Not surprisingly, it was open almost exclusively to men.


So what, are the men with beards now supposed to pay some sort of reparation for their ancestors who had beards? Is that where we’re at now? You know what, we shouldn’t give these yahoos any ideas.



Sounds legit.


Down with the racist beards!


And damn, that is one awesome beard.

And we’re done here.




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