Nobody attracts the crazies quite like Dana Loesch.

It’s probably because they can’t stand that she’s informed, clever, lovely and unshakeable. We have seen disgusting POS trolls threaten her children and yet she still stands. So it should come as no surprise that when blue check Natalie Morales trolled her over a 10-year-old tweet that things didn’t go so great for her …

After a while, you’ve got to wonder if folks like Natalie ever get tired of being made to look foolish. You’d think they’d eventually figure out that attacking Dana is never a good idea.

It is pretty damn weird.

What she said.

Triple-dipped in psycho.

These effing people.


Double boom.

Actually, this may be the rare but cherished triple boom.


Natalie responded.


She might as well have said, ‘I know you are but what am I’?

You’ve gotta bring your A-game with Dana.

Bye now!


Brutal yet perfect.


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