When you read this RIDICULOUS tweet from Kamala Harris, remember she was the Attorney General of California.

Which says SO MUCH about that state, don’t ya’ think?


You guys have seen that new talking point from the Left, correct? The one where they call Trump an ‘unindicted co-conspirator’ which basically doesn’t mean a damn thing BUT it sounds super important if you’re a dunce who votes for people like Kamala in the first place. It sounds like Trump is guilty and nope … it’s just a big ol’ lie in another desperate attempt to stall Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Gross, ain’t she?

No shame.

And speaking of no shame …


But then what would we write about?

There’s always Ron Perlman and Chelsea Handler …


Seems we’ve found Kamala’s fan club.

What she said.

Paging Harry Reid.

That will never NOT be funny.


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