If you hate Trump SO MUCH that you think any picture including Bill Clinton, let alone one that was taken at John McCain’s funeral, somehow illustrates ‘decency’, it might be time to put the Twitter down.

Looking at you, Jeff Flake.

Jeff’s last name suits him.

That is all.

Seriously, c’mon. Can we stop pretending this funeral was some sort of political debate and just leave the hot takes at the proverbial Twitter door? We GET what Jeff wants to do here, he’s pretending that the people pictured are somehow decent and Trump isn’t.

And he could be right … but Clinton? REALLY DUDE?

Is he insane?

We’re starting to wonder.

Then again, politics has a way of making us all a little insane.


Elite in their own minds indeed.

Or ‘the swamp’ as some call them.

That group of folks sitting in the pew is a huge part of the reason WHY we have Trump.

Sorry, not sorry.


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