Hearings on Brett Kavanaugh start TOMORROW (Sept 4) and to say we’re pretty excited is putting it mildly. WHOOHOO! Talk about Twitchy gold from whiners, bellyachers, and angry, hairy-legged cat hoarders for DAYS.

Oh, and the fact that we’ll soon have another Conservative judge who is also a Constitutionalist doesn’t exactly suck either.

Women’s March is doing their part to pretend they can in any way stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation as if the perfect hashtag might finally be his undoing.

Aren’t they adorbs?

Bold action that includes crocheted hats, glitter glue, and absolutely no shave gel.

What rights? These women.

The people want Kavanaugh. *shrug*

Give us money.



They just need ONE MORE hashtag.

What she said. ^

These women are SO silly. #SillyBroads


It’s going to be LIT!


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