We know, Vox is gonna Vox but C’MON already.

Brett ‘liked basketball more than politics in college’ Kavanaugh is the most divisive, contentious SCOTUS nominee in a generation? If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we could see behind ourselves.

From Vox (sorry!):

There are a few likely reasons for Kavanaugh’s unpopularity, most having little to do with the man himself — let’s be honest, how many typical American voters have delved into his record? Polling shows that nearly half of Americans don’t have strong feelings about him. But he was nominated by a historically unpopular president, and his anticipated positions on major issues like abortion have energized the progressive grassroots to oppose him.

And there’s a growing public appreciation that the Supreme Court is often as much a political entity as the presidency or Congress. Confidence in the Court has fallen sharply from where it was a few decades ago, and surveys find that Court nominees have become much more polarizing than they used to be.

So it’s Trump’s fault.

We can’t help but notice they left out the part about Kavanaugh saying Roe is the law but whatevs.


The monster!

Truly, Kavanaugh couldn’t be any LESS divisive if he tried. This is about the Left freaking out that Trump can pick a second SCOTUS and he might actually care more about the Constitution than Obama’s pics.

Seriously, if they really thought abortion was a Constitutional right then they’d have nothing to worry about because Kavanaugh is a literalist.

Of course, we all know it’s NOT really Constitutional to take the life of another … and that’s what they’re really freaking out about.

Sums it up nicely.


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