Yesterday during his testimony in front of Congress, besides looking like a super skinny Wolfman Jack, Jack explained to several elected officials who quite honestly seemed absolutely clueless about social media that the censoring of the Right on his platform was due to an ALGORITHM GONE WILD.


Tell us another one, Jack.

Anyone who has been locked or suspended knows Jack was only telling a half-truth when it comes to censorship, especially with the gross and obvious bias we’ve seen over the years. More conservative-leaning accounts have been suspended for using the word, ‘pansy,’ while people like Ron Perlman and Kathy Griffin write HORRIBLE things with zero consequences.

That is not just an algorithm.

Dana Loesch though had perhaps the best evidence that proved Jack was full of BS:

This is sort of an inconvenient truth, eh Jack?


Not at all.

Truly. One need only look at any blue check Lefty’s timeline to see the obvious bias.


These. People.

Ben Howe with the assist.

And speaking of LOL …

Sending Eichenwald an animated gif was attempted murder?

Alrighty then.

People are definitely starting to wonder. If you were able to sit through his testimony (and full transparency, this editor lasted maybe a half hour), you realize that Jack either doesn’t really know what’s going on at his own company OR he can’t seem to control what’s going on at his own company.

Either way, Twitter has some serious ‘splainin’ to do, especially with cases like Dana’s.


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