We’re not sure who’s working harder to make Cristhian Rivera look like a decent guy, his attorney or the media. What a pathetic agenda and narrative when the accused killer’s immigration status is being treated like something we shouldn’t talk about because it’s not nice.

The guy may have just murdered an innocent young woman but you know, calling him an illegal alien is mean and stuff.

From Yahoo News:

At the hearing, Cristhian Bahena Rivera’s attorney Allan Richards argued against allowing expanded news media coverage of the case, and shed light on Rivera’s life before Tibbetts’ death.

“The coverage that’s out there is leaning all one way and in fact, government has weighed in at the highest levels,” Richards said in court.

“In our system of justice, he’s entitled to that presumption of innocence until some evidence is presented. Portraying Cristhian as something that he isn’t, in some ways I view that as a political payback for what’s swirling around,” Richards continued.

Oh boy. We get it, his job is to defend Rivera but this is just tacky.

Treating him like he’s the victim in all of this? Alrighty then, douchebag. Dana Loesch took the attorney APART:


Hard to have a record when you’re not in the system to begin with.

Exactly. Make it seem like evil Trump supporters are attacking this POOR GUY for being here illegally.

This is gross, even for a lawyer.

Amen sister!


That could be a new tagline for them.

Sadly that’s exactly what this boils down to.


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