Chris Cuomo interviewed Kellyanne Conway on ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ AGAIN, and once again she made him look like the dolt we all know he is. Granted, he will promote the interview in a way that makes him look like he stood up to her but if you watch the entire mess (and this editor did, yikes) what you’ll see is a talking head who invited Kellyanne on to attack her as a means to pander to a shrinking audience hungry for Trump hate.

Sounds deep.

What it really boils down to is Chris got his arse kicked by Kellyanne Conway … again.

You’d think by now he’d know better than to invite her on but nope.

Cuomo said a lot of dumb stuff.

He’s Cuomo.

It’s what he does.

HA! Way to take one for the team, Ryan.

Tough crowd, Chris.

Oof, painful.

And speaking of painful … if you can stand to watch the entire interview here it is:

Chris seems … uncomfortable.



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