We’re guessing Chuck Schumer thought if he used a lot of big legal words that really don’t mean a whole lot that his base would think he’s talking tough on Trump AND that something substantial is actually going to come out of Cohen and Manafort.

And meh.

He’s spinning so hard we’re surprised he didn’t spin himself into the ground.

So basically this whole tweet is a nothingburger. Chuck could say Trump is alleged to wear a dress on Sunday nights, that doesn’t mean he does.

Unindicted co-conspirator? LOL

Talk about word salad.

What most recent revelations, Chuck?

That the Russian collusion story is falling apart?

The mantra of the Democratic minority is ‘b*tch and moan’.


Holy cow.

You have to wonder if Chuck actually believes the crap he tweets.

Alleged. Heh.

His brother’s, cousin’s, second wife’s, neighbor’s, dog’s, father’s, son’s butcher said so.


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