John Brennan just can’t seem to help himself.

He’s like that old guy who yells at kids for being on his lawn even if they’re not on his lawn.

And he seriously has a big old ‘BUT’ in this tweet:

‘Sorry sir, this is Wendy’s drive-thru.’


The collapse of the U.S. presidency? Where?

Admit it, the guy who perjured himself in front of Congress babbling about the rule of law is hilarious, and not in a traditionally funny way.

But he’s sure we’ll heal as a nation and stuff.

How absolutely out of touch is this guy?

When an emoji says it all.

Maybe it’s nap time.

Could be the Obama presidency, just sayin’.

Narrator: John Brennan would take great delight in the collapse of the U.S. Presidency.

Ha! Paging CNN …


And curtain.


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