Kris Paronto UNLOADED on MSNBC for their reporting on Mollie Tibbetts as ‘just a girl’ in Iowa. We know, they were super concerned about protecting their narrative regarding open borders and sanctuary cities being a good thing, but this was low even for them.

Wow indeed.

Just awful, MSNBC.


Remember when Obama said AQI was on the run? Remember how the media fawned over him and this claim?

And truth be told, we know exactly where the media was, but this is a family publication so we’ll leave that part out.


What he said.

Nutball agenda really sums it up, doncha think?

We’re not sure MSNBC ever really needed to hide it. From the get-go we’ve never been surprised at how hard the outlet works to protect the Left; that being said, their coverage of Mollie Tibbetts actually did shock us a little.

But just a little.

Eh, the Left would have voted for Obama no matter what in 2012.

Even complete morons could have seen the Benghazi video was a lie … which means nobody on the Left could see it was a lie.

Aww, good times.

Something else MSNBC likely ‘forgot’ to report on.


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