As a Twitchy editor, you know you’re nearing the end of your shift when you’re covering Chelsea Handler and you’re using the words ‘front’ and ‘hole’ in the headline. It’s true, Twitter is slowly but surely driving us all crazy …

And when we read and report on tweets like this hot mess is anyone surprised?

We’re not entirely sure what Chelsea is babbling about but we aren’t seeing any people saying women can’t be elected just because they’re women. Sure, she needs to push the idea that there are all of these sexist people out there claiming women can’t be in office but nope … not seeing it.

Maybe she should cut back on the … caffeine.

Really dumb.

Vote for a woman if and when she’s the RIGHT PERSON for the job. If you’re voting for someone because of their ‘parts’ you’re doing yourself and your community a huge disservice. Women can and do win on their own merit.

Shocking, we know.

Issues?! Oppressor!

Ugh, you knew there would be a front hole joke in here somewhere, right?

What is wrong with people?


Gonna guess Chelsea is a no on Heng.

Crazy talk.

Notice the blue wave … when even Democrats are telling Chelsea she’s full of it? SCORE.


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