Free Beacon wins Twitter today.

Sorry folks, your tweeting has been a valiant effort BUT give it up … they win.

Hands down.

Forget that their ‘piece’ on Trump’s abs triggering the Left is freakin’ hilarious, but add into the mix that a parody about triggering the Left actually triggered a Lefty and you have the stuff of social media legend.

This. Is. AWESOME.

From the Free Beacon:

Donald Trump is only halfway through the first of (at least) two terms in the White House, and he has already owned more libs than any U.S. president in history. Not surprisingly, the libs have utterly lost their minds. A number of lib social media users, for example, are writing children’s books about a beefcake Bob Mueller (Roberal Moral) who saves the world from “Ronald Plump.”

Ok, now if you look closely you can see that the entire piece is a parody and satire BUT that didn’t stop Ed Krassenstein from blowing a gasket over it.


And to think, Twitter is still free!

We all know Lachlan is a sneaky Antifa type Lefty! *snort*

Ed deleted this one, but not before we were able to grab it …


Sort of like turning an old Justin Beiber fan account into a Resistance ‘leader’.

See?! Told you.


Psst indeed.


Ed. Dude. Walk away.

Oh Twitter, never change.


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