We’re not entirely sure why Jim Acosta posted this weird MAGA video of Bill and Hillary Clinton considering he posted it without comment.

And this wasn’t totally weird because you know, CNN is super duper unbiased and objective, including their pundits.

*eye roll*

Watch this nonsense:

Is it just us or does the sound of Hillary’s voice actually cause everyone else to make a face like they smelled a fart?

Man, we do NOT miss her.

And WTH was Jim thinking with this?

Awww. That makes sense.


Wait, what? Now we’re just confused.

It was Russia, right? No? Dammit.

He also tweeted this:

So is he trying to say Trump didn’t come up with his own tagline? Did he mean to compare Trump to Clinton and Reagan? Why do they put those tags on mattresses knowing you’re not supposed to remove them?

These are the questions that will haunt this editor forever more.

Ok, not really, but is sounds funny.


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