We’re starting to think Jennifer Rubin is just a high-level troll at this point. She has to know the things she’s writing while calling herself a ‘conservative’ are only going to make actual conservatives angry.

What purpose does a piece like this really serve?

From the Washington Post:

Nowhere do we get from GOP quarters any sense that the president’s behavior is antidemocratic. Republicans rationalize that because Trump’s critics are harsh (as if other presidents didn’t receive worse) the president can do as he pleases.

If you want to know why the president persists in lying, attacking democratic norms, smearing the intelligence community and interfering with a legitimate criminal and national security probe, you need look no further than his corps of GOP defenders. Their inability to see beyond partisan tribalism and to consider how they’d regard, say, President Barack Obama if he were doing the same things, has emboldened Trump and led to the intellectual and moral collapse of the GOP. Perhaps if the GOP suffers that fate in the midterms, a new party can emerge that would represent a responsible counterweight to Democrats. We need two parties, but at this point we don’t need the Republicans.

Ok Jennifer, buh-bye.

She has to know these pieces won’t go over well.

We get not liking Trump. There are plenty of people who maintain their ability to support the Right while disliking him on a personal level though. But if you’re so wrapped up in your hatred of Trump that you’re unable to look at the few good things that have happened since he took office then there is no helping you.

She’d be far happier at this point if she just admitted she’s a Leftist.

And the rest of us would be far happier as well.


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