Alyssa Milano thinks Republicans don’t like Nancy Pelosi and that we give her a hard time because we’re scared of her.


Scared of her.


Yeah, we’re super terrified of Nancy, especially when she calls tax cuts ‘crumbs’ and defends violent, MS-13 gang members as being innocent children. Truth be told, Nancy is the gift that keeps on giving to the Right.

We love her.

We absolutely want her to keep opening her mouth and saying silly things.

Don’t take our word for it, James Woods gets it:

Yes! Speak up, Nancy! Tell us what you really think.

There is no greater ad for the Right than Nancy Pelosi speaking her ‘mind’.

Dude, when Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets it? Boomity.


Anti-gun chick who was on some show in the 80’s.


And let’s not forget Alyssa herself is also the gift that keeps on giving.

Every day she and others just like her and Nancy do their part to ensure Democrats will lose again in 2020.

We should send them cookies.


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