Last week, CNN was attempting to get the personal information of the Manafort jurors and claimed it was not an attempt to ‘dox ‘them. Guess they expected us all to forget when they ‘threatened’ to share the personal information of the CNN/Trump meme maker and they thought we’d ignore their attempts at silencing Alex Jones …

Yeah, not happening.

Byron York wrote perhaps the best thread on what we’re seeing in social media with biased outlets and mobs:

Yes. Resistance has worked so hard to vilify and dehumanize anyone who disagrees with them so that when horrible things happen they can feel justified in it.

It was more than troubling, it was terrifying.

Imagine sitting on that jury and knowing people who beat others up over an American flag now know who you are and possibly where you live.


Not a great look, CNN.

And it only seems to be getting worse.


Everything with the Resistance is about fear.

Scary ain’t it?


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