Sharyl Attkisson’s latest piece about Paul Manafort may well be the one that causes our dear friends in the Resistance to finally explode in a cloud of angst, glitter glue, and patchouli. We get it, they’re already cranky that Manafort wasn’t charged with anything having to do with Russia interfering in the 2016 election but still … Attkisson’s questions are valid.

See for yourself.

This editor did NOT know that. Guessing most Americans do not …

From The Hill:

As jurors deliberate the fate of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, it’s a bit of a letdown for Trump critics that Manafort wasn’t charged with anything having to do with alleged Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential campaign. So what’s his prosecution all about?

To understand, it helps to know a bit more about the murky universe in which Manafort and his closest colleagues operated.

It’s illegal for foreigners to directly give money to U.S. politicians and political parties. But there’s a legal way around that. Believe it or not, foreigners — even Russian President Vladimir Putin or North Korean President Kim Jong Un — are permitted to pay big money to hire well-connected U.S. public relations firms, law firms and lobbyists to act as their “foreign agents.” From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, more than 15,000 foreign entities have hired thousands of Americans to do just that.

She continues …

In the end, if Manafort’s primary alleged crime was acting as a foreign agent, his real issue was failing to register sooner. If he’d done so, he’d arguably be much like thousands of other U.S. foreign agents paid to influence our politicians and public opinion in a way that’s perfectly legal.

So if Manafort had registered sooner this would be a non-issue?

Fair question.

Unless they’re somehow tied to Trump.

Every day we’re amazed at Sharyl’s ability to keep her cool when people are acting like maniacs on her timeline.

That. ^

This one really freaked ’em out though:


Sharyl never says it’s ethical, she just points out that this is nothing unique to Manafort which begs the question, what crime did he actually commit?

Hey man, we don’t know, we just work here.


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