Mark Levin doesn’t exactly seem to be a fan of John Brennan.

Which might be putting it mildly. If you look at Levin’s timeline it’s not exactly filled with positive Brennan pieces, in fact, you see a lot of tweets like this one.

Fair question.

Hey, watching him completely lose his shiznit when Trump ‘dared’ to remove his security clearance hasn’t exactly built up our confidence that the guy is all there.

Our favorite though is Mark absolutely blasted Brennan and the deep state harpies defending him on his show.

From Conservative Review:

On his radio program Friday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out recent efforts by members of the intelligence community to defend former CIA Director John Brennan as blatantly partisan and hypocritical.

Levin responded to a story at Politico about a dozen former intelligence officials who signed an open letter defending Brennan after President Trump’s decision to yank his security clearance.

Hypocrisy much people?

Sad but true.

Brennan’s arrogance WAS exuding and dripping … until Trump clipped him.



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