Glenn Beck wrote a short thread about why he will not be checking his privilege anytime soon … so you can imagine how SJWs reacted. *take cover*

It started here with Beck talking about his family, specifically his great-grandfather.


He continued …

The notion that one person can decide who has and has not struggled in this country based on sex or skin color is just ridiculous. And SJWs wonder why we make fun of them. Plenty of people (including this editor) come from nothing and work their backsides off to be something, to have something to leave their children so hopefully, they don’t have to work quite as hard.

That is not limited to one race or gender.

Maybe SJWs should check THEIR privilege.

It IS earned for many of us.

So in other words, take a SEAT, whiners.

Look at these people:

Blah blah blah, please, change the RECORD.

Hrm, is this a threat? It sorta reads like a threat.


Interesting how so many people write-off someone else’s experience because they’re the wrong sex or color.

SJWs are gonna SJW.


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