Ever since Cohen turned into a member of the Resistance to seemingly save his own backside and Manafort was found guilty of something that had nothing to do with collusion, the Left has been losing its damn mind more so than usual because they think this will somehow lead to Hillary being president.

We’ve been more than happy to point out that the odds of them actually removing Trump are very, very low and even if they somehow managed it, we get President Pence who truth be told, is far more Conservative than the president.

Perhaps they should be careful what they ask for?

Ari Fleischer put together a short, unbiased, and factual thread about why Trump shouldn’t be impeached:


Enough digging and hoping for some dirt that even if found likely wouldn’t get him removed.

That being said, the Left already failed to beat the most unpopular GOP candidate in history so maybe they’re just desperate …


But Russia! Trump! Hillary!


So good.

Don’t you love how Democrats don’t want to change themselves when they lose? They want to change the system they couldn’t beat.


Ari even explains that he would support impeachment under certain circumstances and these people still can’t deal.


Resistance is gonna resist. *shrug*


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