Watching ANYONE who works at CNN complaining about any other journo or outlet asking ‘softball’ questions of Trump would be absolutely hilarious if it wasn’t so damn irritating. The same people who spent years asking Obama what his favorite color was have a lot of damn nerve being critical of Ainsley Earhardt and the questions she asked President Trump this morning.

And maybe people like Oliver Darcy MISSED it, but plenty of Americans want to know how Trump is doing … yeah, we know, he wanted her to shake her fist at the president and demand that he answer for EVERYTHING WRONG IN THE WORLD but nope.

Nothing sadder than Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy ganging up Ainsley for asking the same sort of questions they would have asked Obama in a similar interview.

Oh look, now he’s trying to shame her with her own words.

She’d better be careful, he has a history of trying to get people shut down on the internet.

Full transparency, considering Oliver has blocked 90% of Twitter it seems it’s not easy to cover him engaging anyone since there are so few people left on his timeline for him to engage.



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