Brian Stelter tattled on Ainsley Earhardt for asking Trump ‘softball’ questions in her interview.

Yup, the guy who sat and allowed David Hogg to lie about gun laws and all but handed de Blasio a platform had the nerve to complain about Ainsley’s questions.

Anyone else feel like they’re taking crazy pills? Cuz we do, every day.

Hall monitor strikes again!

What he said.

Brian really is the Charlie Brown of all media.

What he said again.

Let’s not talk about Brians softballs … ok, that came out wrong.

But you get it.

No, Brian wants to talk about Trump’s softballs.


Maybe we should have stopped while we were ahead.

His own worst enemy.

Brian looks like he smelled a fart in this picture, HA!

Yes, yes we are immature.

Not really.

Eeek. A tetanus shot.

Poor tater, this happens to him every time.


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