Sorry Resistance types, but when even Geraldo Rivera is saying the Cohen mess is a nothing-burger you can pretty much kiss that whole taking Trump down THIS TIME thing GOODBYE.

Hush money does sound bad, but Geraldo has a great point here …

If it was Trump’s money it’s not a crime.

Maybe unethical and slimy, but not illegal.


Fair question.

But Truuuuump!


Hell, we don’t know anymore.

Wait, Trump wasn’t a choir boy before he became president? WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL US THIS BEFORE?!

*eye roll*

Look at these Resistance types losing their shiznit:

Ooh, a list and a meme.

Skeery stuff.

Alrighty then.

Is this racist? Asking for a friend.

No, he just pointed out it’s not illegal.

We can’t even.


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