Earlier today, Twitchy covered Chris Cuomo’s interview with Kellyanne Conway and originally we were going to include Glenn’s tweet in that piece but he’s dinging Cuomo on something entirely different from Kellyanne and doing such a good job of it we decided he deserved his own coverage.

Glenn has really been after CNN for the last few weeks and who could blame him?

CNN has zero self-awareness. In fact, if it was possible to have less than zero self-awareness, that would be CNN.

We’re wondering if perhaps he saw CNN’s ratings and is desperately trying to bring in viewers. Hey, if getting humiliated by Kellyanne Conway means people might watch his silly show why not, right?

When does CNN host a Town Hall about illegal immigrants killing people? Asking for a friend.

Actually, we all do, ha!




He absolutely freaked out, which made for great TV.

Too bad only Glenn and a handful of other people saw it.


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