Apparently, Jeet Heer has taken issue with people making puns about David Pecker. Talk about being a giant stick in the mud, sheesh.

Admit it, when you read Jeet’s tweet threatening to block people making Pecker puns you laugh, and then feel like you need to make one, right? We wonder if he’ll block Twitchy since we’re making fun of him being angry about Pecker puns.

Say Pecker puns five times fast.

Who knew the last name Pecker could be so triggering?


Not to mention, dude, it’s TWITTER. Nothing brings out Pecker puns like telling people you’ll block them for making one. Then again, maybe that’s what Jeet wanted?



There’s really not a whole lot that rhymes with Decker other than Pecker. Hrm.


We knew it!

We see what he did here.

Gold star for the Python gif.

Especially if he picked a peck of pickled peppers.




Oh, man, us too.

And curtain.


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