As Twitchy readers know, Alyssa Milano teamed up with CNN to write an opinion piece on DOWNLOADABLE DEATH aka people using 3D printers to print magical guns that kill people in one shot.

Forget that it would be cheaper to just buy a real firearm, the real danger here folks is 3D PRINTERS.

Dana Loesch seems less than impressed with Alyssa’s piece (sorta like we were):

Honestly, if people like Alyssa hadn’t thrown such epic hissy fits over the 3D printer option most people wouldn’t even think of or know about it. Their own hysteria has created a “problem” that they now magically want to solve by once again stomping on the rights of legal gun owners.


Gun grabbers just like to grab guns, that’s what it really boils down to.

But a plastic gun that can shoot one bullet is far more deadly or something.

More hysteria from the gun control lobby, nothing more.

Wait until they figure out you can make your own food at home too.

Then they’ll really lose their minds!


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