Leave it to CNN to give Alyssa Milano another platform to try and scare people about guns. This time she’s taking on 3D printed weapons because this somehow equals “DOWNLOADABLE DEATH” in her mind.

Hey man, we just cover the tweets, we don’t write ’em.

From CNN:

Does anybody think the technology is worse or more expensive than it was five years ago? It’s not. You can now buy a 3D printer for less than $100. You could buy a printer fully capable of producing this gun for less than $1,000. The gun itself costs just $25 in materials to make — in 2013.

Imagine the damage one of these guns, even if it was only capable of firing one shot, could do aboard a plane. Or in a government office. Or in your child’s classroom.

In other words, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.

Holy crap, people. *Sidenote, we had to make a few grammatical corrections to the op-ed when we included even a small portion of this article. Be better, CNN.*

This works, right?

We especially love the end piece, ‘Have a nice day’.


Something like that.

Not to mention the sort of person who would use one of these guns to do harm would likely find a gun illegally ANYWAY. Law-abiding, legal gun owners do NOT, as a rule, use their guns to hurt other people (unless the law isn’t enforced or fails and some monster legally gets a gun).

Wait, you mean they’re not paper?!

More hysteria drummed up by people who don’t seem to understand the technology.


Not straws! YOU MONSTER!


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