Don’t worry, Lefties, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is apparently psychic and claims she still has five more years on the Supreme Court. Of course, that would make her 90 YEARS OLD before she retires but we suppose if you’re of the Leftist persuasion you’d prefer a senile old lady who can’t stay awake to Trump appointing another stellar justice.

And to think, they can thank Harry Reid for all of this ‘winning’:




C’mon lady.

See what we mean? Of course, odds are Trump will win re-election in 2020 so five years would still fall within his timeframe to nominate another justice.

Unless she’s not including 2018?

Counting might be harder for her as she ages.

See? LOL

It’s not about the country or protecting the laws of the land … no no. It’s about making sure they can protect whatever legislation they think Ruth will vote for or against. It’s about politics, which is the usual.

Dude, that’s the life.

Uh huh.

We thought this was Hillary for a minute.

Our bad.


Yup, but it won’t matter.

Five years from now is 2023, which means Trump will still be president.

They’re so desperate to believe.

Somewhere there is a picture in an attic aging so she doesn’t.


Editor’s note: A correction has been made to fix a spelling error in Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name in the title.


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