When Allie Beth Stuckey recorded a JOKE INTERVIEW with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Left lost their damn minds because let’s face it, they have zero sense of humor. Luckily Stuckey refused to apologize for the interview, which was hilarious by the way … and now she’s actually challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to a real debate.

She even said please.

And Jesus would be a socialist? *sigh* No.

C’mon Alexandria, debate Allie!

Socialists. That’s who.


And we’re not entirely sure why so many of them think Jesus would be a socialist.

She doesn’t seem all that thrilled to talk to anyone outside of her bubble, this is true.

Well, socialism is unto itself a joke so there’s not much to it when telling jokes about it.


This would be more like a sequel, fair. HA!

At this point, Alexandria has not responded to Stuckey’s polite challenge and odds are she won’t BUT we’ll keep you posted.



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