We give CNN a seriously hard time, and usually for good reason. But truth be told, out of the many talking heads and journos at CNN, Jake Tapper is probably the most balanced when it comes to calling out issues politically. That’s not saying he doesn’t lean left (duh), but he is the only one we have seen really go after Democrats when he takes issue with something they’ve done or said.

Even Obama.

Democrats are sucking wind and the Obamas don’t seem all that concerned about it. In fact, they’re ‘living their best years.’ Jake isn’t wrong here … but instead of seeing his very valid point, Lefties FREAKED OUT on him for daring to be honest about their KING.

They’d rather be mad at Jake than accept the reality of who Obama really was and what he actually did to their party.

And to this country.

Lefties are so big and tough.

Oh so NOW Jake is a racist.



Maybe the reason the media panders so much to the Left is that they’re scared of them? These people are vicious bullies.

Interesting. Jake is honest about Obama and people start threatening his show.

Like we said, bullies.


They won’t ever blame Obama for destroying their party, they’ll keep shrieking about Russia and Trump, how Hillary was cheated because she’s a woman, how the country is racist, or how the electoral college is to blame. It’s just like the #WalkAway tag, instead of wondering if maybe the party is really in trouble, they assume the people tweeting about leaving their party are bots, Russians, and/or trolls.

Democrats will NEVER accept the reality of what their party has turned into …

Which is a wonderful thing for Republicans.


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