Democrats love to TERRIFY people into voting for them. They can’t really run on any policy other than raising our taxes and regulating corporations to the point of going out of business so instead, they try the whole, “The GOP is evil! EVIL! They will purge yooooou!”

Hillary Clinton is especially guilty of this (among other things), and while recently attending a showing of Hello Dolly she apparently spoke to the cast:

We’re not sure what’s scarier, the fact that Hillary is telling people they might be purged (from the voter roll) or that Bette was so excited that Hillary terrified the cast of her show that she went full caps-crazy on Twitter about it.

And calm down Bette, Hillary lost for a reason.

She’ll get you and your little dog too!

Both of them.

Womp womp.

Something like that except he left out the word, ‘deplorable.’

Democrats should totally run her again.


Hillary has that effect on a lot of people.

Of course not! There were no stairs …


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